average sat essay length

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Georgianne already answered this question correctly. But I believe it is best to have it credited to SAT Essay Scoring for getting all the source, not Buy Best Cheap Custom Essay Help :) You may read scoring guide to College Board's website: SAT E...
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Some colleges are only interested everything you take on the SAT, some are interested in the superscore only, others on only the test highest grade received in one sitting. The same goes with the essay. Nevertheless, I would always consider including your essay grade, escpecially if it is above your average SAT score.
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But length? They don't say a word. Does this silence mean that the SAT doesn't care how long your essay is? Can you—gasp—write less than a page and still get a passing score? Nope. ... The average student writes 150 words per page, so about 225 words is your minimum for a decent SAT essay score. Bottom line, write
It's About the Real World. The SAT Essay is a lot like a typical college writing assignment in which you're asked to analyze a text. Take the SAT with Essay and show colleges that you're ready to come to campus and write.
Two different people will read and score your essay. Each scorer awards 1–4 points for each dimension: reading, analysis, and writing. The two scores for each dimension are added. You'll receive three scores for the SAT Essay—one for each dimension—ranging from 2–8 points. There is no composite SAT Essay score

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